Available positions

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    • New position opening for postdocs! Apply to join our thriving and exciting team of scientists, clinicians, and staff members conducting research to elucidate the neurobiological bases of stuttering. Interested applicants should send a statement of interest and CV to Dr. Chang at sooeunc@med.umich.edu.

  • Graduate Students

    • Dr. Chang currently co-advises MSU CSD PhD students with other members of the CSD faculty and sits on doctoral dissertation committees. Interested students should contact Dr. Chang at sooeunc@med.umich.edu.

    • MSU CSD master’s students interested in pursuing the thesis option have the opportunity to work with Dr. Chang on a research project, provided they are also mentored by another faculty member at CSD. Interested students should contact Dr. Chang at sooeunc@med.umich.edu.

  • Undergraduate Students

    • The Speech Neurophysiology Lab always welcomes undergraduate students to volunteer in the lab at both campuses. These positions are typically unpaid and are obtained through research programs such as UURAF (at MSU) and UROP (at UM) or for course credit through independent study. Click on the links for more information regarding these sponsored research programs.

    • For more information about volunteering in the lab at either campus, contact Dr. Emily Garnett at emilyog@med.umich.edu.