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September 9th, 2022

On September 9th, our lab participated in the annual Great Lakes Stuttering Symposium held at the Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing.

The meeting was organized by Dr. J. Scott Yaruss at MSU and featured many speakers (including us) that work mostly in the Great Lakes region. A highlight of this year’s meeting included a Ph.D. student session where study ideas were shared in an informal manner to generate feedback and discussions.

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July & August, 2022

This past July, the Speech Neurophysiology Lab has been active with our new Mobile Lab Van. In conjunction with the Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) system, our lab has been attending numerous events across all AADL Branches, spreading the word about our research opportunities and connecting with the community at large.

Below is a list of AADL events our lab attended in July, as well as future events we will attend in August. If you find yourself at one of these fun AADL events, make sure to stop by our van to learn more about our lab, make some cool brain hats, and take advantage of free speech and hearing testing. See you at the library!

July 2022 Events:

  1. July 12th: Origami Paper Wall Hanging (Traverwood Branch)

  2. July 16th: A2 Comic Arts Festival (Downtown)

  3. July 17th: Paper Plate Flying Saucer (Mallets Creek)

  4. July 19th: Straw Bridge Engineering (Pittsfield)

  5. July 25th: Cabbage Juice Chemistry (Downtown)

Upcoming Events in August 2022:

  1. Thursday, August 4th from 2-3 PM: Domino Days (Traverwood)

  2. Friday, August 5th from 1-2 PM: Tiny Window Greenhouse (Downtown)

  3. Tuesday, August 9th from 3-6 PM: Fatherhood Event- Prospect Park, Ypsilanti (Non-AADL)

  4. Wednesday, August 17th from 3:30-5:30 PM: Elements Preschool (Non-AADL)

  5. Saturday, August 27th from 11 AM-3 PM: Ann Arbor Summerfest (Non-AADL)

(Click here to access AADL events website)

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May 27-30, 2022

Members of our research lab attended, presented, and spoke at the 2022 Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering in Montreal, Canada!

Dr. Soo-Eun Chang (middle/bottom) was a keynote speaker with her presentation titled "Recent developments in stuttering from neurological, emotional and motor perspectives."

She was also the recipient of the Researcher Award from the International Fluency Association

Dr. Emily Garnett (top right) presented her work on auditory rhythm perception in adults who stutter.

Postdoc Shanley Treleaven (top left) presented her work examining expressive syntax and vocabulary development in children who stutter and controls

March, 2022

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new mobile research lab! This van was purchased through funds received from two generous donors- Arsen Tomsky (@Arsen Tomsky) and Mike Pinkert.

Outfitted like a research office space, the inside of this van can be used to collect behavioral and neurophysiological data. We hope that our research van will help increase representation of diverse populations in our study sample so that they are more representative of the general population.

We are aiming to recruit and test young children who stutter as well as typically developing children for new and ongoing EEG and fMRI studies.

In the future, we plan to use the van to deliver intervention for child and adult participants, which may follow an intensive delivery schedule (daily participation).

Click here to check out an article written about our van in the UofM Department of Psychiatry News & Publications page.

As the characters on our van say, Go Blue! For Research!

February, 2022

SNL members were at the Speech Motor Conference in Charleston, South Carolina! Dr. Valeria Caruso (right) gave a presentation on dynamics of neural oscillations in children who stutter, and Dr. Shanley Treleaven presented a poster on the links between error processing and cerebellar morphometric measures.

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August, 2021

Check out this recent Scientific American magazine article "Stuttering Stems from Problems in Brain Wiring, Not Personalities" by science reporter Lydia Denworth.

They review the updated science of stuttering, which has increasingly pointed to a biological basis for this complex neurodevelopmental disorder.

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February 6, 2021

A recently submitted NIDCD ECR R21 grant was recommended for funding.

Led by Dr. Emily Garnett, along with co-investigators Dr. Soo-Eun Chang and Dr. Devin McAuley, this 3 year project will investigate auditory motor integration in people who stutter using speech and rhythm tasks.

Congratulations to Dr. Garnett on her first NIH grant.

January 21, 2021

Check out the the Scientific American magazine article “COVID Can Cause Forgetfulness, Psychosis, Mania or a Stutter” by Stephani Sutherland. Dr. Chang is quoted in the article to explain what may be behind stuttering onset as one of the neurological symptoms that can emerge and remain after recovering from COVID19.

January 8-9, 2021

Members of our research lab presented and participated at this year's Oxford Dysfluency Conference.

Chow, H-M., Johnson, C., Spray, G., Garnett, E. O., Koenraads, S., Chang, S-E. (2021). Gray and white matter developmental trajectories associated with childhood stuttering persistence and recovery.

Spray, G., Chow, H-M., Yaruss, J., Chang, S-E. (2021). Associations between white matter integrity and phonological skills in children who stutter.

Johnson, C., Masti, R., Russell, K., Rubsam, S., Sheppard, M., Garnett, E. O., Chang, S-E. (2021). Weighted stuttering-like disfluency measure reliably identifies children who stutter with low stuttering frequency.

December 15, 2020

Garnett, E.O., Chow, H.M., Sheppard, M., Spray, G. S. & Chang, S.-E.: Effects of HD-tDCS on Speech Fluency in Adults Who Stutter: A Randomized Controlled Trial., Poster presented at the 12th International Seminar on Speech Production, Providence, RI.

October 22, 2020

Garnett, E. O., Taigman, J., McAuley, D., & Chang, S-E., (2020). Rhythm discrimination in adults who stutter. Poster presented at the Virtual Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.

September 2, 2020

Research from our lab was featured in a recent article “The New Neuroscience of Stuttering” published in the Knowable magazine:

This article was also featured in The Atlantic magazine with the title, “An ‘Absolute Explosion’ of Stuttering Breakthroughs”. Dr. Chang was quoted in the article.

July 9, 2020

Dr. Chang was an invited to speak at this year’s National Stuttering Association Annual Conference (held remotely). She participated in the panel: “Stuttering Research and Medical Updates”. Check out the link here:

February 23, 2020

Past SNL member Ho Ming Chow presented data from our lab at this year’s Speech Motor Conference held in Santa Barbara, CA. His talk title: A link between energy metabolism and developmental stuttering.

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